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Re: vim transition to python 2.6

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 01:18:39PM +0300, Oren Held wrote:
> Currently vim packages (vim-nox, vim-gtk) on sid are still linked to
> the old python2.5.
> (Even though it seems possible to compile with python 2.6, according
> to the debian-vim changelog changelog and bug #566842)
> Being linked with an old Python version, vim python plugins tend to
> fail when they encounter new 2.6 syntax.
> Why is this transition delaying? Is there any task left which I can
> help with?

Vim will be built against Python 2.6 when Python 2.6 becomes the default
Python version.  If you want to help achieve that, take a look at the
bug list for that transition:


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