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Re: pid file security

]] Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 

| > Does a program that uses inotify to wait for log file changes on disk
| > experience any delay of note?
|  ... no - you're right: it wouldn't.  so that would be a solution....
| but again, it would require an application that had that capability
| [to use notify] - times however many services you wanted to react to,
| in real-time.  so, an sshd-monitoring application would need to be
| written (in c?) to wait for inotify; an apache2-monitoring application
| would... etc. etc.

Like tail(1) which is part of coreutils?

|  however if that functionality was built-in to systemd, just as it is
| already built-in to depinit, i.e. if the services which were fired off
| foreground-style by systemd could have their stdin, stdout and stderr
| redirected to applications/scripts, as specified by command-line
| options to systemd...

command line options to systemd doesn't make any sense, it's an init
replacement, not a wrapper around single daemons.

| > The systemd option of creating sockets before executing services that listen
| > to them seems to offer the potential of more significant boot performance
| > benefits than just starting things in parallel.
|  that's got my eyebrows raised - how the heck does _that_ work?  i'm
| both surprised and intrigued.
|  ok, darn it - systemd seems to be a really bad name choice: google
| search comes up with "Systeme D", and also systemd on windows??

http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd is hit number four or
five for it on google.

Tollef Fog Heen
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