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Re: finally: packages to optionally create default collaboration dirs

Am Wed, 2 Jun 2010 12:53:03 +0400
schrieb Stanislav Maslovski:

> But why Debian should care about the precise details of local
> admistration policies?

If you have read #248130 and know debian, you probably know local
details are usually nicely configurable. You probably also know about
debconf, preseeding and priorities anyway.

I.e. for addgroup a configuration analogy to adduser's homedirs would


> what is required from a distribution is
> just a set of sane defaults.

Before we can actually choose any defaults, we need
functionality that is able to optionally set up collaboration

To set up the directories that are bound to groups, addgroup is the
obvious place for this. I don't know the right place yet though, for
the option to set up the groupdir for the "users" system group, and
~/private and ~/incoming for each user.

> in reality such
> unnessesary options will only confuse inexperieced users and irritate
> administrators.

Ready to go and easy collaboration among the users of a system may not
be necessary and welcomed by everyone. Just stay with those things
disabled then, you shouldn't even notice. I'd like quote Petter here,
"You should not really allow your lack of imagination to limit what
computer systems can handle. :)"

The great thing about Debian is that it can mean and handle so many
different things for so many people. Thank you for being helpful to
flash this out.


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