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Re: Bug#584013: hyperlatex: Security bugs in ghostscript

On 01/06/2010 13:10, paul.szabo@sydney.edu.au wrote:
>> (4) Please state clearly what's wrong with the package (hyperlatex in
>> this case). From the other bug reports I deduce that gs calls should be
>> extended with "-P- -dSAFER". This should be done in the hyperlatex
>> source package in bin/ps2image, for the record.
> Yes, that probably should fix things. (Right now things are still unsafe
> even with those options, but I expect gs to be able to fix the remaining
> bugs.)

Perhaps, gs should have these options enabled by default (and provide other
options to disable them if needed) instead of requiring to modify all
programs. It would secure home-made scripts, too.


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