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Re: correctly using other packages in postrm

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 09:02:50PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Hmm, what's the risk of changing it?  I guess if dependencies are allowed to
> be purged when a package depending on them is removed-but-not-purged,
> dbconfig-common could obliterate config files that the depending package
> expects to still have around.  Is that the concern?

one of them, yeah.  if dbc were to guarantee that it left no cruft
behind, it would have to purge all the files it registered in proxy
for packages when it was purged as well (which also means this would
need to be tracked, which it isn't atm), but i don't feel confident
enough without looking to know whether that would cause a problem in
the depending packages' maintainer scripts.

likewise, if dbc started purging these files as part of the postrm
hook for the depending package, i'd be concerned that if this code was
duplicated in the postrm script that it would result in a failure if it
were run a a second time (i.e. the maintainer script already dealt
with the file or tried to deal with it after calling the hook).

it could be that they're both non-issues (now that i check, ucf seems to
be fine with puring a config file that isn't registered, for example),
but i'd want to do some kind of audit and loose testing to know for sure
before i instabug a large number of packages.


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