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Re: Anounce of a secure repo for debian

> On Mon, 31 May 2010 12:49:28 +0100, Klaus Ethgen <Klaus@Ethgen.de> wrote:
> >Well, this method was grown since ages when reprepro was not available
> >and I hadn't the time to migrate a working method to a /nice/ working
> >method.

[Marc Haber]
> You should have taken that time before going public.

Seriously?  I think Klaus's project is as silly as everyone else
thinks, but dude, the best criticism you can think of is that he didn't
use standard tools to generate the apt indexes?  When you come to that
point, you should realize that you're just arguing for the sake of
arguing.  I mean, how could his choice not to deploy reprepro possibly
affect the users of his repository?


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