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Re: extlinux

On 05/26/2010 10:45 AM, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> That's the single feature I misseded.  Thanks.


> Although it would be even better if it was possible to include some
> fixed part in it, while keeping most of it auto updated.  I tested the
> extlinux package after reading about it yesterday, and the missing
> feature that immediately hit me was the ability to use a serial console.
> This is of course as easy as with sys-/pxe-/mem-linux: just add 
> "serial 0 9600 0" or something similar to the config file.  But running
> update-extlinux would remove it on every kernel upgrade. Anyway, I
> understand that this issue is now solved.

how about adding your parameters to EXTLINUX_PARAMETERS in
/etc/default/extlinux? then they will be used for all images in the
config automatically.

in case that's not what you were looking for: as stated in another mail,
i've added update-extlinux/extlinux-install and it fits my setups well -
but any suggestions are welcome, please feel encouraged to submit bug
reports against extlinux.

> It has puzzled me for a while that grub2 has been chosen over extlinux
> as the default x86 bootloader

extlinux doesn't support as many filesystems to read the kernels from as
grub does (extlinux basically only supports extlinux, and in 4.0 also
btrfs; and syslinux would support fat, though).

while i really like extlinux for the reasons outlined earlier[0], i
don't think it's a good default for everyone and anything.

> HPA has been an active upstream maintainer all
> this time AFAIK.

indeed, he's an excellent upstream in every aspect.



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