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Re: Improving in-place upgrades of Ada packages from Lenny to Squeeze

Ludovic Brenta wrote:

Over the last two weeks I have been testing upgrades of Ada packages from Lenny to Sid and Squeeze in a chroot. The picture is not as pretty as it should be. In a nutshell, when you change /etc/apt/sources.list from lenny to squeeze (unstable, actually) and do "aptitude update", you end up with a lot of broken packages and must intervene manually to resolve the problem (i.e. remove the broken packages, install new versions).

A long-term, partial solution is to introduce a "build-essential-ada" package, which depends on gnat and all the current development packages. That would also make it quicker to prepare a new system for developing Ada programs. (As a teacher, it is a package I have missed a lot.)

In the case of libgnat{vsn,prj}4.3-dev, this is only because I recently added dummy transition packages, libgnat{vsn,prj}-dev in gnat-4.4 (= 4.4.4-4).

Could you create such dummy transition packages for all development packages? (Again only a long-term solution.)

I think a short-term solution might be to make gnat suggest the new versions of the development packages. (Or the above-mentioned transition packages?)


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