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Re: Possible boot ordering issues with the packages in Sid

[Christian PERRIER]
> I wonder what in keymap.sh is triggerring this. TTBOMK,
> /etc/init.d/keymap.sh is meant to work without /usr being mounted

This part of the script matches the /usr/s?bin regex:

        # Switch unicode mode by checking the locale.
        # This will be needed before loading the keymap.
        [ -x /usr/bin/unicode_start ] || [ -x /bin/unicode_start ] ||  return
        [ -x /usr/bin/unicode_stop ] || [ -x /bin/unicode_stop ] || return

No idea if it is a false positive or not.  Note that one need to be
careful with scripts started from rcS.d/, to make sure no dependency
loop is created.  Scripts that need to start before mountall.sh or
mountnfs.sh can't depend on $local_fs or $remote_fs without creating a

But then again, I believe a lot of scripts currently started in rcS.d/
should be moved out of there. :)

> samba is not using syslog by default in Debian. Still, I understand
> this might be a problem for users who want to activate logging
> through syslog. I don't really see any problem adding $syslog to
> dependencies

It is probably the best option, yeah.  I believe it best to start most
services after the syslog collector, to make sure any kernel messages
generated are collected at the correct time.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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