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Re: Too much disruptive NMUs

Jari Aalto schrieb am Sunday, den 23. May 2010:


> In addition to fixing the RC bugs, minor updates were usually done at
> the same time. This was done for the reasons that in case the packages
> were later orphaned or the maintainer were MIA, it would be more
> desireable to have a well shaped package in archive. The minor changes
> include:
>     - update to latest debhelper (In many times no debian/rules changes;
>       possibly update deprecated dh_clean to dh_prep")
>     - use packaging format 3.0 (delete quilt if it was used)
>     - update compat to 7
I don't find anything of them acceptable for an nmu.
> The DEP1 does't specifially encourage fixing anything else than the BUG
> at hand, and that's a very good rule for actively maintained packages.
That dep thingys are no policy. imho these uploads violate the nmu policy. 


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