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Do we want heirloom-mailx as the default mailx package?

Until recently, the bsd-mailx package was the one installed by default
when a package in Debian needed mailx.

Recently, and if I am to believe the popcon graph[1], the package
heirloom-mailx has taken this role, and it is installed by default
when installing Debian/Squeeze.

 1 <URL: http://qa.debian.org/popcon-png.php?packages=bsd-mailx%2Cheirloom-mailx&show_installed=on&want_legend=on&want_ticks=on&from_date=&to_date=&hlght_date=&date_fmt=%25Y-%25m&beenhere=1 >

Why was this changed?  Do we want to change default mailx package?

The reason I ask is that we discovered this in Debian Edu because the
heirloom-package print an error message during installation (#579287).
When installing Debian Edu in test mode, the installer grep for error:
in the installation log and report any errors found, causing a false
positive to be reported after installation.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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