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Re: APT do not work with Squid as a proxy because of pipelining default

Il giorno 17/mag/2010, alle ore 09.02, Goswin von Brederlow ha scritto:
> Given that squid already has a patch, although only for newer versions,
> this really seems to be a squid bug. As such it should be fixed in
> squid as not only apt might trigger the problem.

Goswin, can you please point me to the patch you mention?

> That said setting the Pipeline-Depth to 0 as default or when a proxy is
> configured might be advisable. Adding a apt.conf.d sniplet to the stable
> apt should be a trivial change. Much simpler than fixing squid itself.
> And in testing/unstable one can fix it properly or update squid to 3.0.

I assume that squid3 is not affected by this bug, do you confirm this? If the patch you mentioned is related to squid3 a backport may or may not be feasible, but should try. :-)



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