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Re: APT do not work with Squid as a proxy because of pipelining default

* Robert Collins <robertc@robertcollins.net> [100517 17:42]:
> Due to the widespread usage of intercepting proxies, its very hard, if
> not impossible, to determine if a proxy is in use. Its unwise, at
> best, to assume that no proxy configured == no proxy processing your
> traffic :(.
> -Rob

IANADD, but if I had filed bug #565555, I would have selected severity
critical ("makes unrelated software on the system break"), and similarly
for any other transparent proxy in Debian that fails to work

The proxy may not be on a Debian system, but wouldn't the following
logic in apt catch enough of the problem cases to be a useful

    If Acquire::http::Pipeline-Depth is not set and Acquire::http::Proxy
    is set, use 0 for Pipeline-Depth; use current behavior

Documenting this problem somewhere that an admin would look when seeing
the offending "Hash sum mismatch" message would also help.  Turning off
pipelining by default for everybody seems like the wrong solution to
this problem.


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