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Re: Misc Developer News (#22)

On 16/05/10 at 23:06 +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Receive Ubuntu bugs by mail via PTS
> -----------------------------------
>  It is now possible to subscribe to Ubuntu bugmail for the packages you
>  care about, without having to use Launchpad (and subscribe on a
>  per-package basis there). This is implemented as a new opt-in Package
>  Tracking System keyword: derivatives-bugs.
>  To subscribe for all your packages, use 'keyword [email] +
>  derivatives-bugs' (as documented in the Developers Reference[11]). You
>  might also want to subscribe to 'derivatives' (Ubuntu diff, etc. also
>  opt-in).
>  Of course, if other derivative distributions are interested in providing
>  such data, don't hesitate to contact the Debian QA team.
>  Also, if you never remember about subscribing to packages you maintain,
>  you can use that UDD script[12] to check for missing subscriptions.


To clarify:
This is managed using the normal PTS subscriptions system: you need to
subscribe to packages you care about on the PTS, and then use the
'keyword' command to add the 'derivatives-bugs' keyword.

If you are not subscribed on the PTS, you won't get any emails.

As a DD, on master.debian.org, you can use the following scripts to
understand what's your current subscriptions on the PTS:

Also if you are a DD, you might find it easier to use
to issue PTS commands, rather than use the email interface.

Yes, I know that subscribing on the PTS usually gives you duplicate
emails (for Debian bugs, for example). It's a bug in the Debian
infrastructure that we have not been able to setup a fully consistent
mail handling. But I still think that using the PTS for that is the
right thing to do, instead of mailing maintainers/uploaders directly.

- Lucas

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