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Re: Open then gates

Quoting Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org):

> >> you must not understand how user-private groups work at all
> > Well I guess I do,...
> Given your complaints, actually, you don't appear to.

Is there a mail in this thread that would explain all this?

From your own words, it seems that most negative reactions aboutthis
umask change come from people who misunderstand the concept of UPG.

My own opinion about all this is to be somehow confident that people
much more clever than me when it comes at security are involved in
this and I'm perfectly OK when some people I trust write "002 umask
with UPG is identical to 022 umask without UPG".

Still, I would be able to explain this in case someone asks me such
question in, say, a general talk about Debian where you sometimes find
This Clever Guy Who Understood Everything (and of course never
contributed to any free software work)....and who asks a question
about "why did Debian change its default umask?" or "Why you guys
didn't hang out this OpenSSL maintainer?".

More generally speaking, this umask change probably deserves to be
mentioned in the Release Notes....along with a good rationale about
why, no, this isn't Debian giving up to years of being security-wise.

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