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Re: chromium-browser from experimental has included h.264 by default?

severity 580947 important

Il 11/05/2010 10:44, Reinhard Tartler ha scritto:
> checking [2], reveals that I'm partly wrong. There is an in-source copy
> of ffmpeg, that there is an option 'use_system_ffmpeg=1' passed to the
> buildscript. This indicates that I indeed missed that upstream now
> considers this. Still, I also note that a library
> out/Release/obj.target/third_party/ffmpeg/libffmpeg.a is being
> built. also note the following changelog comment:
>    * Ops, libavutil50 is not yet in Debian, removed from depends (Closes: #580769)                                                        
>      - update debian/control                                                                                                              
> I can only assume that the functionality to link and use the system
> ffmpeg is severely broken. One more reason to have bug #580947 at
> severity serious.

I disagree with this interpretation, please explain why this is broken.

chromium doesn't compile with the current version of ffmpeg in unstable
because it is too outdated, this means I had three choices:

- compile with use_system_ffmpeg=0 and build_ffmpegsumo=0 (this means
drop ffmpeg support)
- compile with use_system_ffmpeg=1 and build_ffmpegsumo=0 --> FTBFS
- compile with use_system_ffmpeg=1 and build_ffmpegsumo=1 (this means
compile and ship ffmpeg-mt)

There was another solution, and this is now adopted in the latest
experimental package, Compile with use_system_ffmpeg=1 and
build_ffmpegsumo=0, but use the in-sources include path for headers, see
[1] and [2].

In this way, chromium doesn't FTBFS but use the system ffmpeg libs (if
they are available).

Unfortunately it searches also libavutil50, this is in not yet in the
archive, it is in NEW (experimental) or in debian-multimedia repository.



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