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Re: Dual init scripts (or two init scripts in one package)

On 08/05/2010 14:27, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> So, currently the shorewall package ships debian/shorewall.init, which
> is accompanied by the following debian/rules entry:
> dh_installinit --no-start -u"start 40 S . stop 89 0 6 ."
> If I read the dh_installinit manpage correctly, then I can ship:
> debian/shorewall.shorewall-prenet.init
> debian/shorewall.shorewall-postnet.init
> Then in debian/rules I would have:
> dh_installinit --no-start --name=shorewall-prenet -u"start 35 S . stop 89 0 6 ."
> dh_installinit --no-start --name=shorewall-postnet -u"start 40 S . stop 89 0 6 ."
> The idea is to have one init script that runs before S40networking and
> another that runs after.  Does this seem right?

Do you really need to rename shorewall to shorewall-postnet in /etc/init.d ?
It would unnecessary break admin script to restart the firewall (and you
will have to manage a complex pre/postinst to handle cases where the admin
changed this conffile).


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