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Re: Confused by .la file removal vs static linking support

> I wouldn't
> necessarily downgrade the -dev package dependencies: often they are
> there not only for the static lib, but also because your library's
> includes will #include files from other libs it depends on, so all
> users of your -dev package may need the depended-upon -devs.  So it
> will depend on the situation at hand.

With libetpan, it is not the case.

Several libs (libdb, libcurl, libsasl, libexpat, liblockfile) are used by 
libetpan internally, but none of their interfaces is experted by libetpan, 
and none of headers of those libraries is included by any public libetpan 

In this case, dependences on those -dev packages are only because of (1) 
dependemcy_libs in .la file, and (2) support for static linking.

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