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Re: Default value of net.ipv6.bindv6only should revert to 0

On Apr 12, Salvo Tomaselli <tiposchi@tiscali.it> wrote:

> > If a kernel without IPv6 support is used then e.g. an ACL will contain
> > plain IPv4 addresses as expected, but when a kernel with IPv6 support is
> > installed in your scenario then that ACL will not work anymore (without
> > special code) because now the IPv4 addresses would need to be converted
> > to v6-mapped addresses.
> 1 - In a kernel without IPv6 support, trying to accept IPv6 connections will 
> simply fail, so for the server program to work without it, it is safe to 
You keep missing the point. Let me try with shorter sentences, if you
still do not get it maybe I can try a puppets show.

Root configures daemon on IPv4-only system.
Daemon can only bind to
Configuration works.
IPv6 is enabled.
Daemon now can bind to ::.
Daemon accepts IPv4 connection on the IPv6 socket.
Configuration broken.


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