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Re: Bug#576262: ITP: django-countries -- Provides fixtures, models and flags for countries by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code


I prepared an upload to mentors.d.n which includes a patch to integrate
django-countries with iso-codes. Thanks for all the great feedback!


Paul Wise, 2010-04-02 12:11:
> I suppose so, unless there are some differences. IIRC iso-codes includes
> lots of translations and django-countries seems to allow for
> translations to the country names.

The translations from iso-codes are now used automatically according to
the Django locale settings. I think that's really a great benefit for
everyone who is going to use this package.

> Runtime loading of the iso-codes stuff would be better than
> build-depends though.

The internal country list is now populated at runtime by parsing
iso_3166.xml with xml.dom.minidom and it provides the three originally
static lists/dicts.

>> As for the icons I'll take a look on how to use them (and possibly the
>> PNG variant too) directly from the famfamfam-flag-* package.
> Great, please do push the removal & dependency upstream too.

I notified upstream about my changes but I'm not sure if they will be
included because they heavily depend on the availability of Debian
packages. My changes will not be useful for people using it on Windows,
Solaris, ...

As I consider myself a poor writer of documentation someone should
eventually take a look at my README.Debian to assure that it's readable
and understandable for the average user. There's lots of room for
improvements I guess.

Kind regards,

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