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Re: libgcrypt brain dead?

On Tue, 09 Mar 2010, Brian May wrote:
> A number of packages, such as openldap have been changed to support
> gnutls, instead of openssl, to avoid licensing issues in openssl.
> However, it appears that gnutls uses libgcrypt, and libgcrypt has
> several serious design issues.
> 1. libgcrypt doesn't cleanup properly on dlclose, and apparently won't
> fix the problem:


> 2. libgcrypt drops root privileges if called setuid on the assumption
> the only reason the program is setuid root is so it can lock memory.

Requirements for a core library that is going to be linked by other core
libraries, and used in NSS modules:

1. All public symbols MUST be versioned;

2. Must be thread-safe, and fully reentrant both at the function and at
   the _library_ level;

3. The entire library must work using contexts passed at every function
   call that needs one;

4. Must not change any global attributes of the process or of any other
   libraries it uses;

5. Must not link to any library that doesn't implement the above;

This is _hard_.  I am sure I forgot some...

> What is the solution? Should we go back to using openssl, at least
> with libraries such as openldap that are commonly used in pam and nss
> modules?

We'd have to move gnutls to some proper crypto library that behaves like
a proper library should, to really fix it.  And that does assume gnutls
itself does it properly...

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