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git-core Debian package


kudos to Jonathan Nieder, who did and still does a great load of work on
the Debian git-core package and its bug reports in the Debian BTS.

I find myself to have from time to time less spare time and/or
motivation than some of the packages I maintain deserve.

With Jonathan co-working on Debian git-core, I'm seeking more volunteers
who are willing to contribute to the git-core package quality.  One
thing, next to the usual bug report tasks and preparing new upstream
releases, is to finish the 'git' Debian package transition from the GNU
interactive tools to git-core, see


There's a mailing list to coordinate work on the git-core packages, if
you're interested in helping please subscribe to the
<debian-package-git> mailing list by sending an email to
<debian-package-git-subscribe@list.smarden.org>.  Please read
README.source in /usr/share/doc/git-core/.

Thanks, Gerrit.

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