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Re: Weather forecast through applet not available in Europe?

Camaleón wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:06:21 +0100, Stuckey wrote:
>>>> Works fine in Poland.
>>> Nice to hear this. I do not even have the `Forecast' tab in my applet!
>> I don't either, but I would like to. Does anyone know how to get it?
> You have to "right-click" on the applet and select "Details" to display 
> further information whether available. 
> For Provo, indeed, there is expanded information.
That is what I precisely do, but it `only' shows me City, Last update,
Condition, Sky, Temperature, Feels like, Dew point, Relative humidity,
Wind, Pressure, Visibility, Sunrise, Sunset. This stuff is displayed in
`Current conditions', which is one of the two available tabs. The second
tab is `Radar map', which gives nothing but a link `Visit Weather.com.'

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