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unreliable buildds for non-free


often my non-free package does not make the transition to testing
because it is missing builds for some architectures. The buildds of
these architectures are unreliable in the sense that sometimes they
build the package, sometime they don't (try to build it). Therefore, the
 package does not migrate to testing due to out-of-date versions for
these architectures.

What is the recommended procedure to deal with this? Last time I asked
the release team to remove the offending architecture from testing.
Should I simply do that for (almost) every upload?

For the package in question (cgal) I am not aware of any users on
architectures except amd64, i386, and alpha.

Is it acceptable to add such non-free packages to Packages-arch-specific
(in general, and in this particular case)?

(Yes, I'm aware of the status of non-free and the status of buildds for
non-free. I just want to know how to handle the situation.)


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