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Buildd.Net - to be shutdown soon

Crossposting from my blog[0]: 

For over 6 years now I've been running Buildd.Net[1] as a service for additional information about Debian autobuilder network[2]. The reason for running Buildd.Net was simple: until then there was a web interface running on kullervo.debian.org, but generating the webpage took more and more time on that m68k box as Debian was growing in number of packages. That webpage was always a nice plus for m68k over other architectures and it was often asked for having such a page for those other archs as well. With taking over the webpage from kullervo the other archs were added as well and Buildd.Net was born. 

Buildd.Net was open for other archs and flavours, as I called the different dists like unstable, non-free or even volatile or skolelinux. Buildd.Net was always buildd centric, contrary to buildd.debian.org, which is more package centric. Yes: was - as I'm shutting down Buildd.Net soon. 

The reason for this is a change of interest after m68k has been removed from Debian because of the Vancouver proposal. Vancouver caused the death of m68k. Well, anyway. Without being an official Debian arch, the development on m68k came to an end. There was no progress anymore and on the other hand there were changes in the backend of the Debian autobuilder network, which made changes on Buildd.Net necessary. Requests for help in maintaining to adopt the changes were fruitless. The changes that Buildd.Net is needing are beyond my capability of programming.

And as a consequence I'm going to shutdown Buildd.Net in the near future. Not entirely, but significantly. It will return to its origins: being a m68k (and m32r) autobuilder informational page instead of trying to follow up the whole Debian autobuilder network. Just for the chance that m68k will be revived again somewhen. 
Andreas Barth told me that most of the functions of Buildd.Net is available on buildd.debian.org as well, although not yet visible. I offered cooperation and help when he wants to implement Buildd.Net functionality into buildd.debian.org. I still believe that Buildd.Net is offering a worthwhile alternative view of the autobuilder network. But, as I already said, I can't maintain Buildd.Net code source any longer on my own. So I better shut the service down instead of delivering a broken service any longer, if there's noone interested in helping. 

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoyed the service in the past!

[0] http://blog.windfluechter.net/archives/932-Buildd.Net-to-be-shutdown-soon.html
[1] http://www.buildd.net
[2] http://buildd.debian.org

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