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Re: Xen, Squeeze, and Beyond

First of all, I'd like to say a big THANKS to all the people maintaining Xen
within (in of course also outside) Debian; you really saved us lots of money and
energy (which is both, electrical and that personal one). 


> > 4) What will be our preferred server virtualization option for non-Linux
> > guests after squeeze?  Still KVM?
> Yes, virtualized Windows works much better in (modern) KVM than Xen.
> > 5) Do we recommend that new installations of lenny or of squeeze avoid
> > Xen for ease of upgrading to squeeze+1?  If so, what should they use?
> It depends. KVM in lenny is buggy and lacks important features. While it
> works fine for development and casual use I do not recommend using it in
> production for critical tasks.
> This is where Red Hat really beats us: RHEL shipped Xen years ago but
> recently they released an update which provides a backported and
> stabilized KVM.
> > 6) Are we communicating this to Debian users in some way?  What can I do
> > to help with this point?
> Remind people that Xen is dying and KVM is the present and the future.

As I understand the later mails of Bastian and Ian, this is probably not an
issue anyway, but still I'd like to note it: Even though KVM may have a
promising future (on hardware with virtualization support, at least), there is a
serious need for a nice migration path. It seems impossible to dist-upgrade to
squeeze and switch from Xen to KVM at the same time.

Thanks everyone,

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