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Bug#571166: ITP: asterisk-core-sounds -- base voice prompts for the Asterisk PBX

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org
Owner: Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com>

* Package Name    : asterisk-core-sounds
  Version         : 1.4.17
  Upstream Author : Digium Inc.
* URL             : http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/sounds
* License         : CC-BY-SA-3.0
* Programming Lang: (Collection of sound prompts)
* Description     : base voice prompts for the Asterisk PBX
 the basic set of voice prompts that is distributed with the Asterisk
 PBX. It includes numbers, basic prompts used by Asterisk applications,
 and such.

This package is provided by Upstream in three different languages
(en_US and es_MX by Allison Smith and fr_CA by June Wallack) and in 9
different audio formats. Of those formats it seems like a good idea to

* gsm: Was default for a long time, compressed, and playable in Sox and
       others even though it is a raw file.
* wav: Uncompressed, and thus preserves quality. Now a raw file and thus
       more convinient to manipulate. ("wav" is 8kHz, 16 bits/sample,
* g722: Of the available wide-band formats, this was the sanest (slin16
       is huge).

Thus we will eventually have the binary packages
asterisk-core-sounds-{en,es,fr}-{g722,gsm,wav} .

Note that the existing package 'asterisk-sounds' is the same as the
the resulting asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm . The other 8 proposed
packages have no equivalent in the archives. There are some existing
packages of French prompts, but they are fr_FR and not fr_CA (and not as

Initial packaging has already been created in the SVN repository of the
pkg-voip team. See 
for the complete details.

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