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Re: Bug#570980: reportbug general bug filing recommendation (was Re: Bug#570980: man sbin man pages are in section 1 instead of section 8

# Cc to -devel for information after the reassign
merge 570980 348864

Holger Levsen wrote, Monday, February 22, 2010 5:19 PM
clone 570991 -1
reassign -1 lintian
retitle -1 "please add a check against commands in /sbin using section 1 manpages"

fwiw, there *was* such a lintian check, which was removed as the section 1/8 division is not exactly the same as the bin/sbin division. At least last time I can find it being discussed, the man-db maintainer agreed with not having the check (see #348864, with which I've just merged this bug).

In fact, that log appears to include a piuparts maintainer arguing that piuparts(1) is correct despite the program being in /sbin. ;-)


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