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Bug#570980: reportbug general bug filing recommendation (was Re: Bug#570980: man sbin man pages are in section 1 instead of section 8

Hi jidanni,

On Montag, 22. Februar 2010, jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
> Many executables in .../sbin have their man pages in section 1 instead
> of section 8.

This is indeed a policy violation as it's covered by policy indirectly via 


> Perhaps a piuparts like script could comb over the apt-file search
> results to target them.

sounds more like a lintian check to me.

> P.S., I am sure I filed this bug in the right place, as reportbug says
> "general General problems (e.g., that many manpages are mode 755)".

I'm tempted to close this bug or reassign to reportbug ;-) IME bugs against 
the general pseudo-package are hardly dealt with, except me trying to get the 
bugs kicked^wreassigned to other packages. 

Had you filed bugs against the individual packages showing this bug, we could 
use them to block 570980 and we could use 570980 to track the the progress.

Do you intend to file individual bugs? I'd appreciate this.


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