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Re: Debian Mobile -- Debian GNU/Linux for mobile devices

> Hi,
> Is anyone interested in starting a Debian Mobile project, probably as a
> Debian Pure Blend?
> Goals:
>   - Provide an environment for handheld and netbook devices
>     + example: the Nokia N900


is it possible to create a mix between current n900 packages and debian, 
such that resulting system will look and work more or less similar to 
current n900 "firmware" (including phone, messaging, etc), but have Debian 
repositories connected instead of nokia's and maemo.org's for everything 

For packages that are free, use debian versions whenever possible.
For packages that are free but patched too much, use renamed packages.
For non-free packages, use current Nokia's binaries wrapped into hand-made 

If succeed, that may result into device that is as usable as n900 as a 
phone and (almost) as usable as debian for everything else.

What do you think?


Yes I know there is Easy Debian for n900, but I'm quite disappointed with 
it. I can't agree with idea of installing files into /home/user by dpkg, 
for example. Also, it completely ignores filesystem safety issues - some 
time of using it combined with phone reboots to recover from hangs, 
resulted into filesystem image that fsck was unable to repair.

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