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Re: Status of systemtap in Debian

On 18/02/10 at 14:31 +0100, Bastian Blank wrote:
> > I's only a few hundreds of megabytes per kernel image.
> Its around half a GiB per image.

Isn't that a correct instance of "a few hundreds of megabytes"? :)

> >                                                        Some games or
> > debug packages require more space than that. I don't think it's worth
> > deploying an infrastructure just for that.
> Did you actually check that? In unstable I found 2 packages larger than
> 500MiB and less then 10 over 200MiB. None of them is contains debugging
> information.

Someone else did on IRC, but apparently he computed the aggregate size
per source package, which isn't the same thing.
openjdk-6-dbg uses 170 MB according to the Packages file.
libqt4-webkit-dbg uses from 134 MB to 142 MB per arch.
libwebkit-1.0-2-dbg also ranges from 122 MB to 128 MB per arch.

So, yes, the kernel debuginfo would be bigger, but:
1/ we are not talking about adding it for every arch
2/ it might be of interest to quite a lot of people to have that data.

> And for the data packages there is something planned.

Sure. However, it doesn't cost much to use normal .debs now, and switch
to ddebs or a separate archive later, when it's ready.
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