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Re: Debian Mobile -- Debian GNU/Linux for mobile devices

> Hi,
> Is anyone interested in starting a Debian Mobile project, probably as a
> Debian Pure Blend?
> Goals:
>   - Provide an environment for handheld and netbook devices
>     + example: the Nokia N900
>   - Provide a Debian-based implementation of MeeGo
>     + Packaging the software from MeeGo
> Regards,
> Julian
> (Please CC me in your replies)

Hi Julain,

FYI: There is also the hackable:1 Distribution which is debian/em-debian based 
and funded by Bearstech in France(I think). It runs on my Openmoko and is 
really nice and stable. I think it can run on other mobilephones aswell. 

See http://www.hackable1.org  for more information.


Andreas Marschke

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