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Re: Debian Mobile -- Debian GNU/Linux for mobile devices

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 05:29:15PM +0100, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> > On Wed, 17 Feb 2010, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> > > Is anyone interested in starting a Debian Mobile project, probably as a
> > > Debian Pure Blend?

I wonder whether we really need to "start" or whether we are able to
continue what just exist:  There is a Debian Eee PC project [1] which -
as far as I know - is not reduced to this specific hardware despite the
very specific name.

> > Yes. Not that I can invest lots of time to such a project but I believe
> > we really need to offer something at that level.
> > 
> > > Goals:
> > >   - Provide an environment for handheld and netbook devices
> > >     + example: the Nokia N900
> > >   - Provide a Debian-based implementation of MeeGo
> > >     + Packaging the software from MeeGo

I have to admit that I never dived into this MeeGo stuff (and its
predecessors) so perhaps my assumption is wrong, but I have the
impression that it is basically an environment which attempts to provide
applications to users in a simple way like for instance Sugar is doing
for XO.  Just correct me, if this impression is wrong.  If I'm right we
just need to package this environment (and its components) just as it
is done with Sugar.

Once thes packages exist, you need to tweak D-I with some
preconfiguration and define a set of packaged applications which should
be installed as default.  If you ask me that sounds like a Debian Pure
Blend: Package things we are interested in and provide these packages in
a simple way to the target user.

> > The Debian Mobile part could be mostly marketing and branding while
> > technical work should be done within MeeGo if this appears to be possible
> > (we'll have to watch out how they will manage external contributions and
> > so on).
> Of course work should happen upstream as most as possible. But as
> upstream will use rpm, our part is repackaging.

Ahh.  I've thought one of its predecessors (MobLin) would be Ubuntu and
thus Deb-based.  But yes, if the package format of choice would be RPM
than it means repackaging.  IMHO the question whether to host your work
on MeeGo or on Debian is strongly related to the question whether you
intend to strictly follow Debian policy.  I learned that projects like
this do often not per se comply to Debian policy (for whatever reason).
If you intend to stricktly stick to Debian policy IMHO it would be
reasonable to do your work inside Debian (while sticking as closely as
possible to upstream).

Whether you finally call it a Debian Pure Blend or not is your choice.
If you consider the techniques of Blends (like defining categories of
packages in so called tasks and handling such tasks in metapackages)
useful I would be happy to support your work.  Perhaps the Blends
framework might be enhanced to even better fit your needs.

Kind regards



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