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Re: Debian Mobile -- Debian GNU/Linux for mobile devices


2010/2/17 Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac@debian.org>:
> Carsten Munk (Stskeep, Mer main developer) has said he might use Debian
> Lenny as a base for Mer^2 on n8x0 (he won't continue developing Mer for
> N900+ since Meego will achieve the same purpose). You might want to ask
> him about that.

18:55 < dilinger> Stskeeps: so what happens w/ Mer, then?
18:55 < dilinger> oh, i guess someone already asked
18:55  * dilinger reads scrollback
18:56 < Stskeeps> dilinger: short answer is that we'll be doing
backports of mer regarding fremantle and help fremantle afterlife, ..
the longer answer: it depends on how badly Meego is governed.
18:56 < Stskeeps> there might be a need for community governed
variants of Meego.
18:57 < jrayhawk> It'd be nice if Mer were merged into Debian and
stopped with the monolithic versioning.
18:57 < Stskeeps> jrayhawk: my current project is Mer^2 which is a
Debian 5.0 based Mer, which is very close to Maemo5.
18:58 < jrayhawk> monolithic upgrades are another thing that irritate
the bejesus out of me about maemo
19:01 < dilinger> Stskeeps: got a list of packages that need to go into debian?
19:01 < Stskeeps> dilinger: not currently and we also use a scratchbox
"compat" layer in OBS that makes maemo packages build

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