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Re: Debian Mobile -- Debian GNU/Linux for mobile devices

On Wed, 17 Feb 2010 16:13:13 +0100
Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 03:53:32PM +0100, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> > Is anyone interested in starting a Debian Mobile project, probably as a
> > Debian Pure Blend?

The difference between what you need for a phone and what Pure Blends
can offer was looked at during DebConf8 - a Pure Blend is still aimed
at a desktop machine, it's about collections of existing packages.
Emdebian focuses on providing smaller versions of existing packages in
ways that are better suited to small systems.

> You want to start with em-debian.


Also the pkg-fso team: http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianFSO
> >   - Provide an environment for handheld and netbook devices
> >     + example: the Nokia N900
> Well, I would like to have something working for my N770.

The main barrier for Emdebian on mobiles is the relative lack of
suitable packages - and developers with time to add the packages that
do exist outside Debian (along with a few problems from some of those
packages just not being sufficiently stable to put into Debian at the


Neil Williams

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