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Re: Downgrading a package to get it into upcoming release

On 16/02/2010 17:04, Antonin Kral wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking for some advise / opinions. I am working with guys from
> MongoDB project to get stable package in Debian. We have currently
> version 1.3.1 in unstable, this is considered as development branch
> which is not very stable.
> Is there any way how to reasonably push older version (1.2.x which is
> considered stable), which has not been in Debian before to enable its
> inclusion in upcoming Debian freeze/stable release? 

1) Can the two programs be installed together?

If yes, simply build a MongoDB1.2 and a MongoDB1.3.

If not, then you should use epochs: upload MongoDB 1:1.2 to unstable,
and MongoDB 1:1.3 to experimental.

Jean-Christophe Dubacq

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