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Re: Re: Flag images


I read through the links you provided.  There was a cogent argument
against using flags to symbolize a language.  I would accept that.
However, while I understand your argument about losing contributors,
I'm not completely convinced that using a flag chosen by country X to
represent country X is a bad idea.

Moreover, I didn't see a resolution on the question of Fedora's flag
policy.  The link http://lwn.net/Articles/334519/ says the committee
voted to

    * revert/suspend the policy approved the prior week
    * have people look into the issues and gather data (requirements of
    * various locales, number of packages affected, etc.)
    * craft a policy based on further data, or decide that one is not
    * required at all 

This vote dates from May 2009.  Do you know what was ultimately


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