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Re: git and quilt

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Bernat wrote:
> Now, if upstream want to get patch Z, he can :
>  - get patch Z for version X.Y
>  - get  patch between  upstream  (X+1).0 and  master (X+1).0  containing
>    patch Z and other stuff

Well, in this example there wouldn't be any "other stuff" - you would do
the conflict resolution and end up with modified patch Z' which can be
extracted easily.

> While git  allows to  keep track of  modifications, it is  difficult for
> upstream (or some other people) to review a precise patch.  

In the more general sense however, I agree - you could have committed 20
revisions to the master branch while fixing 3 bugs and intermittently
working on one experimental feature which isn't finished yet.  There is
no simple way of separating these looking at the master branch alone.

IMHO you still need to have someway to separate the commits into patches
or something equivalent.  You could use topic branches.  You could
cherry pick commits from master and combine them into
one-commit-per-bugfix onto a different branch.  Or, of course, you could
cherry pick commits and combine them into quilt patches ;-)



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