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schroot not automatically bind-mounting /home

I've recently installed debootstrap and schroot on a squeeze setup so
that I can build packages in sid.

I've got it more or less working except for being able to get /home/
to automatically bind-mount my real /home.

When I run schroot, I get:

kosuke$  schroot --debug=critical
W: Failed to change to directory ‘/home/kevin’: No such file or directory
W: Falling back to directory ‘/’
I have no name!@kosuke:/$

So I can get a working sid chroot, but I don't get my original /home.

Since I have the machine running an encrypted LVM setup, I wondered
whether that was causing problems. So in the file
/etc/schroot/mount-defaults I changed the line:

   /home  /home  none  rw,bind  0  0


   /dev/mapper/thinkpad--t400-home   /home  ext3   rw,bind  0  0

to correspond with how my /home is normally mounted. But that didn't work.

Would appreciate any guidance if anyone has encountered this before.

Many thanks,

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