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Re: ossp-uuid: Orphaning, a new upload or removal?

Marco Nenciarini ha scritto:
> Marco Nenciarini ha scritto:
>> Kai Wasserbäch ha scritto:
>>> Please note: because the next release starts to appear on the horizon and any
>>> action regarding ossp-uuid would have to be taken before the freeze, I'll expect
>>> your answer within 20 days (2010-02-15). I don't intend to give an offence by
>>> this, it's just to make sure, somebody might have time to step up and take over
>>> the package, in case that should be needed.
>> I'm interested in maintaining it. If the maintainer agree and no-one
>> have any objection I'll try to make an updated package based on latest
>> release and the latest packaging from Ubuntu.
>> Kind regards,
>> Marco
> I've done some work on ossp-uuid package. I've just put it in a git
> repository on alioth[1]. It fixes almost all open bugs in BTS.
> It's still version 1.5.1 because 1.6.2 version require a soname change.
> Of course, I'll upload it only if needed, otherwise I hope my patches
> will help the previous maintainer to do his work.
> Kind regards,
> Marco
> [1] http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/ossp-uuid.git

Since I didn't see any response from Piotr I'm going ahead to hijack the
package. I've just upload version 1.5.1-2 version in the DELAYED-10 queue.

Kind regards,

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