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Re: Bug#568039: ITP: gatling -- a small, high performance http and ftp server

* Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com>:

> Do we really need another ftp server or another http server? What
> makes this any better than the other alternatives?

* Small! (125k static Linux-x86 binary with HTTP, FTP and SMB support)
* Fast! (measure for yourself, please)
* Scalable! (see this document, measured using tools that are included in the gatling distribution.
* Uses platform-specific performance and scalability APIs on Linux 2.4, Linux 2.6, NetBSD current (2.0+), FreeBSD 4+, OpenBSD 3.4+, Solaris 9+, AIX 5L, IRIX 6.5+, MacOS X Panther+, HP-UX 11+
* connection keep-alive
* el-cheapo virtual domains (similar to thttpd)
* IPv6 support
* Content-Range
* transparent content negotiation (will serve foo.html.gz if foo.html was asked for and browser indicates it understands deflate)
* With optional directory index generation
* Will only serve world readable files (so you don't export files accidentally)
* Supports FTP and FTP upload as well (upload only to world writable directories and the files won't be downloadable unless you chmod a+r them manually)
* CGI support for HTTP, also SCGI and FastCGI (over IP sockets, not Unix Domain yet)
* El-cheapo .htaccess support (see README.htaccess)
* Quick-and-dirty SSL/TLS support (see README.tls)
* Can detect some common mime types itself, like file(1)
* Read-only SMB support (good enough to read a specific file from Windows or using smbclient from Samba) 
> Also:
> jack:~$ w3m -dump http://www.fefe.de/gatling
> No such file or directory.

It's http://www.fefe.de/gatling/
with a trailing /

Ralf Hildebrandt
  Geschäftsbereich IT | Abteilung Netzwerk
  Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  Campus Benjamin Franklin
  Hindenburgdamm 30 | D-12203 Berlin
  Tel. +49 30 450 570 155 | Fax: +49 30 450 570 962
  ralf.hildebrandt@charite.de | http://www.charite.de

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