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Re: lxc linux image flavour

On Sun, 24 Jan 2010, Suno Ano wrote:

>  Bastian> Please describe the _kernel_ improvements over the normal
>  Bastian> images. Most of it is already enabled in the default images
>  Bastian> and does not warrant for an extra image.
> As you can see from http://sunoano.pastebin.com/m4b5380dc , line 29,
> Cgroup memory controller is not. This setting is mandatory if you want
> to control the available memory per containers and the like. IMO most
> folks would want that, if just to make sure their local sandbox does not
> go wild for some reason, thus eating up all memory.

if we want to ennable it for the default image, we need a benchmark
test of obvious stuff like fork()/exit to check that it didn't degrade.

if results are in the noise of the relevant benchmark we can shipp
it indeed in linux-2.6 without the need of a special featureset.

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