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Re: GDM, getty and VTs

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 01:37:03PM +0100, Mario Lang quoted:
> Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> writes:
> > it’s been a long-standing tradition on Linux to have 6 started getty
> > processes, in tty1 to tty6. However this doesn’t correspond anymore to
> > the way we use our machines. 

	I use all six, and wish there were twelve.  I find it easier to 
use different user accounts to access different mail boxes online, use 
an admin account for system/root emails, etc.  I use one account for 
mailing lists, one for family, one for friends, one for spam, and love 
the degrees of separation.

	The GUI is pretty much crap, and unless I want to watch a 
youtube video after downloading it with clive, I rarely use the piece of 
junk at all.  If I need it, I just run startx.  Saves my system from 
running yet another inaccessible program on the computer (qv: gdm).  Ice 
Weasel won't run many web pages as well as it does in Windows Firefox, 
including my Linksys router's configuration page, so until Linux devises 
a better way to implement GUI screen reading, I am forced to return to 
Windows to access the web.  Nothing in Linux compares, unfortunately, so 
having all those VT's is a blessing.


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