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Re: Bug#562143: apt is no longer in base system created by debootstrap?

Torsten Werner wrote:
> The Build-Essential: yes field has been updated 2 months ago to better
> match the declared Depends in the package build-essential as requested
> in bug #548801.

It seems there is a misunderstanding about the purpose of the 
Build-Essential flag then.

Obviously it is not to tag packages that are dependencies of the 
build-essential meta package. That would make the flag rather redundant as 
you'd get the same effect by just installing build-essentials.

The real purpose is that it should contain any packages that are not 
essential themselves, but are required to set up a working base system for 
a buildd.

From that perspective apt should be tagged Build-Essential. Simply because 
without apt you don't have a working build system.
And build-essential should of course also be tagged, but IMO *not* any 
packages on which build-essential already depends.


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