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Bug#417118: retitle + moreinfos

retitle 542602 ntp: Should ntp update clock before or after the syslog collector starts?
retitle 417118 "event based boot system needed to solve use cases"

<h01ger> pere, isnt #417118 solved by dependency booting?
<pere> h01ger: nope.  it is one of the problems that need event based boot to 
<h01ger> when do you expect event base booting in debian? IOW: isnt that 
something, the user needs to configure?
<pere> h01ger: with the current rate of fixing the remaining stuff with 
upstart, in squeeze+1.
<h01ger> upstart fixes that?
<pere> upstart make it possible to fix that.  it is a event based boot 
<pere> then ntpdate can run when the network is up and the dns server is 
<h01ger> nice
<pere> h01ger: a similar issue is #542602
<h01ger> pere, can i quote this in 417118?
<pere> h01ger: sure.
<pere> I suspect a workaround would be to have several init.d scripts for 
ntpdate, all running the program when their time has come. :)

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