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Re: Bug#559761: ITP: release -- provides information about the current releases

Am Freitag, den 11.12.2009, 15:57 -0600 schrieb Peter Samuelson:
> [Benjamin Drung]
> > Yes, the name is a bit to generic. Any other suggestions for the name?
> > On the mailing list I found 'release-info'. On my list are now:
> > 
> > * release-info
> > * distro-release-info
> > * distro-releases
> I'd go with 'os-release'.  Mostly because I hate the word 'distro'.

To avoid the distro/os discussion, I will use release-info as package
name. It's short and not too generic.

> Unix tradition is to have a bit of OS release info in one flag of
> 'uname' or another, but of course on Linux, where the kernel and the
> userland are fairly decoupled, this makes less sense.
> (Also, one might think /usr/share/misc/config.guess could say whether
> we're on debian or ubuntu ... but it doesn't.)

Benjamin Drung
Ubuntu Developer (www.ubuntu.com) | Debian Maintainer (www.debian.org)

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