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Bug#562167: ITP: php5-symfony1.4 -- Open-Source PHP Web Framework

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Federico Gimenez Nieto <fgimenez@coit.es>

* Package name    : php5-symfony1.4
  Version         : 1.4.1
  Upstream Author : Fabien Potencier <fabien.potencier@symfony-project.com>
* URL             : http://www.symfony-project.com/
* License         : MIT
  Programming Lang: PHP
  Description     : Open-Source PHP Web Framework

Symfony is a full-stack framework, a library of cohesive classes written in

It provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build
complex web applications faster. Choosing symfony allows you to release your
applications earlier, host and scale them without problem, and maintain them
over time with no surprise.

Symfony is based on experience. It does not reinvent the wheel: it uses most of
the best practices of web development and integrates some great third-party

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