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FOSDEM 2010, redux


(people not likely to be at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium, on the 6th and
7th of February 2010 may skip this mail...)

So, since nothing seemed to be happening for the FOSDEM 2010
distributions miniconference thing, I poked the list a bit, and now
proposals are flowing in. For those interested in checking out the
current proposals, go have a look at
<http://distributions.freedesktop.org/wiki/Fosdem2010>. More is
certainly still welcome; not just talks, but also things like panel
discussions that would benefit Debian and other distributions.

Note, however, that due to the limited amount of time we still have at
this point, a deadline for such proposals has been set at 2010-01-04
23:59 (ish, local time), which is only 2 weeks from now.

Further announcements about FOSDEM, if any, will be on the -events-eu

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