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Re: Help with uscan

Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+debian@mega-nerd.com> writes:

> I'm trying to write a debian/watch file for an upstream package which 
> has a version number 1.2.3-rc4. For the debian package I need to drop
> the dash from the version number

Why do you need to drop the hyphen? A hyphen is perfectly valid in the
upstream version string.

> to give a debian version number of 1.2.3rc4.

You're making a non-native package (i.e. making a Debian package of a
work of general use independent of Debian). That version string is not a
valid Debian version string for a non-native package.

Instead, the Debian version string should be the upstream version string
(mangled if necessary for the version comparison to work), followed by
the Debian release component separate by a hyphen. Note that this does
*not* conflict with hyphens in the upstream version string.

What you'll probably need to do, if I can guess, is to mangle the
upstream version string so their special-keyword games play properly
with Debian's version comparison semantics. That is, I suspect you want
‘1.2.3-rc4’ to compare *earlier* than ‘1.2.3’, which it doesn't; hence
mangling will be required.

If you could post the actual URL to the upstream source location, more
specific advice could be offered.

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