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netscript-2.4 - multiple packages to better intergrate into boot sequence


I am the author of the netscript-2.4 package, and I am currently
updating it to better support IPv6, and I have found that I have to
better intergrate it into the boot sequence under upstart and the newer
boot dependencies.

Splitting into multiple packages seems to be the only way to do it, and
to make the installation of the package easier.  Here is what I plan:

netscript-2.4 - this will retain the current init.d start up set up, and
remain neutral an d not attempt to start any interfaces on install.

netscript-2.4-no-ifupdown  - this will conflict with and replace
ifupdown, and support bring up interface eth0 under DHCP on install and
have current init.d setup, along with a udev script.

netscript-2.4-upstart - upstart version of netscript with DHCP for eth0
on boot, and upstart /etc/init scripts for full integration with
upstart.  It will have a package dependency on upstart, as well as
replacing ifupdown.  This will be very useful under Ubuntu.

Currently, when I install on a system using upstart, the boot sequence
hangs after commenting out all the interfaces
in /etc/network/interfaces...  I have added code to run /sbin/initctl if
it is found.

I have thought carefully about just doing the latter, and keeping the
current package install initialisation, but I have realised that the
network startup has to interface more tightly with upstart to achieve
maximum intergration, and response to interface events.  This will also
make the package a lot easier to install and use.

Usages for the package are network configuration for a firewall, router,
and Virtual Machine server because of its bridge handling which is far
more flexible and easier to get going than that in ifupdown.  I
currently use the package on my laptop to start VPN services, and
administer the internal networking for the kvm VMs I run, as well as in
a monster Myth tv /network server/firewall machine I have at home for
IPv6 integration development and testing.

I am currently going ahead with splitting the package as above, as I can
see it as the best solution as it makes the package easier to use and
install for new users, and keeps the status quo for those who currently
have the package installed.  Over time I will be setting up a migration
path to the netscript-2.4-upstart package once the boot system settles
down with init replaced by upstart

Your thoughts please.

Best Regards,

Matthew Grant

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